General Meeting 11.13.18

Action Items-Renew Membership if you have not already-Contact Board if interested in leadership position-No meeting in December

Upcoming Events-Roe v Wade vigil Jan 22-Elections in April-Book Club January 31-February is Women's History Month

Meeting Minutes

  • President called meeting to order at 7pm of 16 members + all board members
  • Rundown and celebration of election results; many elected who support our 6 pillars and many women elected.
  • Reminder for November Book Club (partnering with SURJ) at Dazbog on Cherry, 6:30pm, book is Eloquent Rage by Brittney
  • Update on Crossroads holiday donations—needs items by end of
    first week in Dec.
  • Update how grateful the SANE nurses were for our donations, and that we will continue next year.
  • April election announced for board members. Treasurer, VP, and President are term-limited for current
    offices. We have by-laws, operating rules, website, members—ready for phase 2!
  • Reviewed 2019 goals sheet (below).

Split into 4 topic-oriented group discussions on how to move forward on 4 major goals for next year.
Meeting adjourned approx 8:15pm
Notes from Group 1:
Goal Outreach and Collaboration:
Continue to support and collaborate with existing groups
that support women's issue: SANE, Crossroads Safe House, Planned Parenthood, League of
Women Voters, new LGTBQ group, FOCO for Progress, Indivisible.
Ideas from members…
Amy might have some connections w/LGTBQ group through university, Mary will check in with
Unitarian Foothills, look for a speaker to come to our group, partner with an LGTBQ group for
Pride Week, continue to try to connect with Planned Parenthood (Amy working on it and so is
Annemarie), Rosemary can put together tours at Crossroads and look into volunteering
possibilities, Annemarie has idea for connection with Life and Liberty for Women (reproductive
rights), Laura has idea of connection with Democratic Women of Loveland, PFLAG, La Familia
(Laura has possible connection), Homeward Bound, Amanda and Jennifer have connection with SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

Notes from Group 2:

Education and Advocacy.

Annmarie spoke at some length about another local group we might partner with, Life and Liberty for Women, run by Peggy Loonan; this group works for reproductive freedom of choice and also sees this issue, especially birth control, in terms of "right to privacy." Erin reviewed some of the important relevant bills that might arise in the Colorado legislature (some, for the second time, having failed in the Senate before), now that the Democrats control both houses. Two possible issues might be (1) defining any sexual activity between police officers and any person in custody as "non-consensual" (2) rescinding the tax on women's personal hygiene products. There are other bills, and Laura volunteered to put them on the blog. Both JoAnn Ginal and Jeni Arendt know that NOCO NOW members will be contacting them about many of these issues.

Women in this group also talked about wanting to help Planned Parenthood, but attempts to contact this local chapter have not been successful. How might this change, and how might members join the escort program, display literature, etc.?

NOCO NOW Board Retreat, November 10, 20182019 Goals

1. Outreach and Collaboration
Continue to support and collaborate with existing groups that support
women's issues:
 Crossroads Safe House
 Planned Parenthood
 League of Women Voters
 (some LGBTQ group)
 FOCO for Progress
 Indivisible
2. Education and Advocacy
Educate members and others on legislative issues related to NOW six
pillars, and work with legislators and others to influence state/federal
legislation related to six pillars:
 Number one priority for education and advocacy is women's right to
choose/reproductive rights
3. Community Building
Create and grow an inclusive community that diverse women and their
supporters want to join:
 Fostering/Developing leadership
 Increasing membership
 Activating NOW CAN group
4. Traditions and Actions
Create and continue sustainable events and activities that support
collaboration, community building, education, advocacy and our six pillars:
 Radical Feminist Book Club
 Roe Vigil
 Annual Crossroads Safe House Holiday Gift Shop Donations
 Monthly SANE Clothing Drive
 Collaborative Booth at New West Fest
 Collaborative Women's History Month Activity with League of Women
 Fundraising to support our work, specifically King Soopers gift cards
We will support the above goals with organizational support from:
 Executive Board
 Legislative Committee

 Social media (website and Facebook site) 

Women’s History Month Calendar 2019
Radical Feminist Book Club - November 2018


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