General Meeting Minutes 2-12-19

14 present, Deb James, president presiding

President welcomed all, introduced guests from Broad Spectrum CSU, a student Veterinary School club supporting LBGTQ veterinary students.

Legislative Committee update: Training on Feb 26th, 7-8 pm, Harmony Library. This is the first training on how to get involved in state level legislation. Additional trainings will be held roughly each month, taking those interested through how to get a law passed, how to lobby, etc. Will be detailed powerpoint to help people doing this on their own. Trainings are open to all. Will get info out through other local progressive group's newsletters. Working on a bill that states that any woman in police custody cannot have consensual sex.

Jo shared finance update: $275 in account at this time. Currently not being charged for website, but do have to pay for meeting room rental each month.

March is Women's History Month, and March 8 is International Women's Day. Please see separate calendar posting for details. Planned Parenthood Happy Hour Wed March 13, McClellan's (note: postponed due to severe weather, new date TBA on FB page and/or email).

If you wish to post announcements or events on the FB page or blog, please contact Deb, Erin, or Laura. Facebook is good for last-minute events, the blog is good for more in-depth or cross-linked information.

April 5-13, Human Rights Film Festival (CSU)—many good films coming.

Deb reminded everyone that Executive Board Elections are coming up in April. At this time, Annemarie has stated she will run for president, Rosemary for Treasurer, Jennifer for Vice President, and Claudia for Secretary. Members interested in running should contact Deb immediately.

April General Meeting will be elections and celebration of another great year—and treats!

Sharon (legislative committee) finalizing results for City Council candidate survey, this went out on email to members recently (mid-March).

Guest speakers: CSU Broad Spectrum (vet school), Kayla (they/them), Christina (she/her), and Zach (he/him). Shared the work of their organization, inclusion/understanding. Veterinarians will have diverse clients, need to be open to all to be successful in future careers. What's on intake forms, creating a safe workplace. Film suggestion to understand LGBTQ issues, Boy Erased, as well as Podcast Unerased. Inclusivity of transwomen is a feminist issue due to healthcare, safety, and other issues. Encouraged members to watch for "bathroom bills." Shared updates on bills to change gender on birth certificates. Shared that queer can now be used as a blanket term for LGBQT community, but limited to self-identifying as queer as not all LGBQT community is comfortable with it; those who like it like that it is non-binary. Cisgender means gender identity is the same as assigned at birth. Encouraged members to state pronouns when introducing to normalize that for all. They/them/theirs is often being used as a non-gendered pronoun, can be used as a singular pronoun. Can try y'all instead of you guys and womxn, latinx, mx to avoid binary. Watch for Pride events coming up in June. CSU Drag Show is largest in Colorado, fundraiser for Pride Resource Center at CSU, coming in April.

Some resources for understanding issues, especially for straight people who don't wish to offend but aren't sure whom to ask to find out more:
HRC includes a guide for talking with children about LBGTQ topics
A definition list in case you're not sure what something means or the correct term

Other organizations that are involved in LGBTQ issues 

April 2019 Minutes & Elections
Fabulous guide to contacting your state legislator...
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