Our Membership


NOW is a grassroots organization and every member counts!

Our numbers matter! Become a member of NOCONOW today and ensure that we remain strong and our voices are powerful. By joining your local chapter, you support the work we do.

Not only is membership a source of revenue that helps us reach out and be active, the number of members we have gives us recognition and respect.  More members mean more influence:


  • At the capitol in Denver
  • At the offices of our local legislators
  • When we write letters to the editor
  • Holding rallies
  • Nationally in Washington, D.C.

Purchase Your Membership NOW!

When you sign up you become a member of both our local NOCO Chapter and the National Organization.

Membership is $35/year. Please contact us at [email protected] for information concerning our sliding scale.

You can sign up NOW online, see below, or by mailing cash or check to:

    P.O. Box 1621
    Fort Collins, CO 80522

We ask that you DO NOT sign up on the national website, now.org, because we do not receive any of the membership fee from nationals.