Planned Parenthood Legislative Happy Hour

Planned Parenthood Kickoff Event

Several Representatives were there including Pete Lee, Rhonda Fields, Brittany Pettersen, Barbara McLachlan, Leslie Herod, Jonathan Singer, Susan Lontine. The major focus of this legislative session by the Representatives attending is introducing comprehensive sexual education. See link below for text of the bill.

Planned Parenthood's discussed that there are 15 cases that could impact access to abortion; there will be 25 million women that would be affected. Planned Parenthood Colorado is looking at they can step up to provide services to those traveling from other states. In Colorado, at state level, abortion is legal except Parental Consent and insurance coverage. There is some focus on changing Parental Consent laws.

We also asked them about Planned Parenthood's legislative priorities which are changes to insurance requirements for abortion coverage (Background: In Colorado, state employees' insurance policies will not cover abortion, except when it is necessary to preserve the woman's life; State medical insurance (Medicaid) will pay for abortions in the following circumstances: 1)The procedure is necessary to preserve the life of a woman endangered by a physical disorder, physical injury, physical illness or psychiatric condition, 2) The pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, and/or; 3) The procedure is medically necessary because it represents a serious and substantial threat to the woman's life if the pregnancy continues to term.).

There is a Women's and Family Lobby Day Jan 30th.

We talked with their Public Affairs representative about expanding activism related to Planned Parenthood in Fort Collins. One of the attendees will follow up.

We also talked with Rep. Faith Winters and Planned Parenthood's Executive Director about the legislative bill to close the Police Rape Loophole. Rep. Faith Winters is interested. She also mentioned that there is nothing in Colorado defining that non-consensual pelvic exams while under anesthesia is illegal and another bill to focus on.

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